ok so the CV dosn’t look like that!

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well not any more! here let me enlighten you:


so yeah its changed a little, this version hasn’t been spell checked, but i’ve got some of my mates proof reading it, and as its saved as a .psd at the moment, it is a sinch to change…

I’m also on studentgems.com where I’m trying to pick up a few jobs, i’ll be on a few more websites shortly. oh and speaking of websites instead of using this as a place to have a few peices of work online (lord knows the trafics no good!) im going to be finishing my own website soon, ive just got to finish the .CSS and the graphics, then find some cheap or free hosting. any sujections just dump them around the comments secion.


Sketchbook work.

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I used to be very proud of the fact that I could just draw vast amounts very quickly, but it was often erratic and only decipherable to me. I’ve just about managed to make my work neat and understandable and sacrificed only a part of the speed that I used to work at. Regardless here is some of my work that has come from sketchbook pages of mine.

fishpage This was a page from a sketchbook that was used in the “fish in a fishbowl” project, where I had to design an aquatic animal.

spacepageand this came from my year 2 FMP named Kira, and its designs for a spaceship.

spaceshipsketchand this is it, its been cleaned up in photo shop but this is basically how it appeared in my sketchbook.

watershroomsanother bit from the fish in a fishbowl project, this time a sea filled with “watershrooms” fungi that have a sack of air instead of a volva, and a long stem with a weight on the end that keeps them upright in the water like a keel instead of a mycelium. they were just an idea for an environment to base my creature creations on, i had them loose bioluminescent spores that attract fish that carry them away digest them and pass them out somewhere else… like birds and seeds.

gretteland lastly an early desgin for my witch in the Hansel and Gretel project.

Critical Evaluation

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This is the last part of my Fmp a 1000 word evaluation of how my project has gone.

This project hasn’t gone all that well for me, I set out clear goals and didn’t achieve them. Simple things like wanting to make a character sheet for Jackuan, or perhaps the overreaching goal of wanting to do several characters. And that annoys the hell out of me frankly, not just because I didn’t achieve my goals, but because all of them seemed attainable. And its thoroughly irritating when you have an attainable goal and through lack of your own skill don’t achieve them.

But there are  few things that I will be taking away from this project that I am glad for. For instance I have a much clearer understanding of how I am going to try and get into the industry when I leave this course, and the kind of quality of work that is necessary to do so. Also I no longer look at my work with such derision that I can’t even imagine that I will find work in the industry, but I look at my skills as a work in progress. I can do this! Just because my work isn’t as high quality as I’d have liked doesn’t mean that its not heading in the right direction.

This project began with me still not knowing all the techniques I needed to finish my work, I was rusty on how to make realistic eyes and hair, I hadn’t worked out what my protagonists design was going to be exactly.  And so the start of my project was about teaching myself how to use painter.

Next I got to work finishing my designs for Jackuan, I think that now instead of what he looked like last time I was designing his costume, his features and his mannerisms (a bit of a  goth.) He looks like a much wider audience will be able to identify with him, sure he is awkward socially, and he dresses in dark clothes. But there aren’t many of us who cant identify with that at a teenage part of his life. so I think I’ve made my character much more commercially viable by making his clothes seem plainer. As for his features, in the first term I used my own face for reference as to how to get the face right, then tightened up the features to make them sharper and more skeletal… Well this year he doesn’t look like me! (Honestly that really really freaked me out when the first person said “he kinda looks like you.”) I did want someone with a long thin face, and a long thin body with dark hair and a pointed nose. It just happens that that’s what my face looks like, I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out!

So I finished my character, my learning and began to work on my final pieces. I scribbled a few ideas for the kinds of visuals that I wanted to be associated with The tragic tale of Jackuan Grey and began working on the few that I liked the most. The fact that I came to a dead end with one of them was a massive thorn in my side, but in hindsight it did teach me a thing or two about producing work that is viable visually.

For starters in the future I need to think about the theory of where to draw the eye too when I design a final piece, so that I can work the details in the spot that requires it, and not all over the image.  I also need to work at using only one layer for my pieces in painter, as using multiple layers slows down and stagnates the painting, and only under certain circumstances is it useful. which in my opinion is unlike working in adobe photo shop, where I feel that multiple layers helps to sort out what piece is going where and in what order, in painter its far better and faster to just work it on one layer and only use layers to keep things separate that you want to be dramatically separate or edit separately.

Also I feel that I need to regain the ability to work quickly, I’m looking at my work now and being worried about the quantity of work that I am submitting, I know that last year I submitted the least amount of work I’ve ever done for a submission, and just made it well organized and neat looking. And as a result got the highest mark I’ve ever received. but it still worries me that there is not vast volumes of work! I guess I’ll keep worrying until I’ve gotten my marks back.

In conclusion this years work has been a bit of a rolelrcoaster, I hate the volume of work that I’ve produced and in the future I’ll be working on fast good quality work (like a sprinter who’s learning to run a marathon, im changing speeds.) I disslike the fact that I wasnt able to make all the character work I wanted to do, but hey its all looking allright now. Its better persented I think (as I spent more time on presentation than usual.)  And I do feel ive learnt a lot in this part of the term, and thats the most important thing about this course, the new skills I’ve learnt.

my cv

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I’ve finished my CV some time ago, but I’ve only now gotten the chance to update this blog (the day before the hand in, yes I know, tut tut shake finger and all that.  But hey at least its not the night before!) but I want to show you my CV and what it looks like.

Now before you look know that I’ve never made a creative CV before, and I’ve only had one model of what a creative cv should look like (albeit a very successful CV.) So if you think its wildly wrong in someway (other than the “obvious” spelling errors that my sister pointed out and the repetition of the word “compelled” on two opposite pages that looks funny) then let me know via the comments section, creative criticism is always appreciated… Well sometimes appreciated.

title page_CV pg1

introduction page_CV pg2

employment page_CV pg3

Education page_CV pg4

aditional info  page_CV pg5

back page_CV pg6

Ok its “spot the deliberate mistake moment,” i am aware of these mistakes:

page 2 – that should be  “easiest”

page 3 – that should be field

page 4 – the text blocks have already been swapped over!

page 5 – necessary doesn’t have an “l” in it! “peices” should be “pieces” and i should have use the word “inspired” not “compelled”

Those are the things that have allready been pointed out to me… Sadly with not enougth time to alter it before the submission, but if I leave this note here then I’m sure it’ll be read by my tutors. As you are reading this I am probably editing my cv… (Or buming around playing game and drinking coke!)

my artists statement

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A quick introduction:

As part of my final major project I’ve been asked to produce a statement for who I am as an artist and what I do, a sensible plan for any budding creative type to write this kind of thing down.

and so here it is, this is what has been submitted in my final major project. But like my CV I feel this is going to be ever changing:

*This is a*  Statement

Hi, I’m blade…

…And I’m in my final year studying games art and design at the Norwich school of art and design. Its strange to look back at how I found myself here, when I was young deciding what I wanted to be when I was older, I think I wanted to draw and write my own comic book. But I can remember the day that I knew what I wanted to do.
I’d been bought a PS1 (that old games console that when It was first released it looked like a small portable nuclear device, not the PSX that looked like a brick!) and I had invested in a game that I’d played over one of my mates, “Legacy of Kain Soulreaver,” and I was playing it thinking how I might make a better game. It’d never occurred to me that someone somewhere actually designed this experience. Until I completed it and the artwork rolled past during the credits, and then it hit me. “Hey I like drawing, and telling stories. Why don’t I do this!?” so I worked hard in my art class, got into college to study graphic design at a Btech national diploma level. And tried to get into my current class, I don’t need to tell you what happened then.
My work itself tends to be a little unusual visually, when sketching I’ve got a sort of scribble that gives the illusion of detail and form rather than a realistic smooth life drawing , its difficult to explain! that’s why I’m giving you examples! Its not that I cant create smooth clean looking traditional pieces, but when I’m designing I like to throw my ideas at a page violently in a torrent. Sometimes that means scribbling to get fast results.
What’s driving me to push myself is to get these scribbled ideas and turn them into something that’s clean crisp and professional, and more importantly exciting! The kind of thing that you would see in post production artwork and in publications like imagine FX. I’m still working on it! But it’s a goal that I intend to work towards.
I get really excited by Amano Yoshitaka’s work the kind of movement that he gets with the dainty lines is really something that I envy with his works, and I really like Giger’s inspired (or drug induced) use of a airbrush. But really there are not many artists whom I try to exemplify in terms of  their style.
At the moment I find myself trying to work exclusively digital, I’m doing a lot of 2D work as that’s what got me hooked on the idea of working in video games. Im using programmes like Corel painter X and Photoshop to paint images digitally (this also saves on the cost of paint!) and im working a lot with my old friend black, in college I used vast quantities of blacks in mixed media pieces for illustration projects. I do work in colour but my pieces often look moodier when they’re monochromatic.
In the future I am hoping to work in concept design, I have a head full of ideas and I think that I would be a valuable asset to a team of people, whether it be environment character or mechanics I’ve always, err what was it that my friends say? Ahh yes “always got a bloody answer for everything!”

2D paintings

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One of the things that I enjoy about this kind of work is 2D paintings, digital or otherwise. In this section however will be a few of the 2D digital paintings that I’ve produced over the past few years.


This was a piece that was produced for last years final major piece entitled “Kira (h 24800)” it was of the USTA’s war machines heading to one of the towns on this ice world. It was meant as a piece of promotional artwork for Kira. This project favored environment and vehicle design so there are not many pieces of the protagonist.


Another one from the world of Kira, this one is a USTA mothership orbiting the planet Kira. (produced in photoshop.)


This one is on this website already for my latest project “The tragic tale of Jackuan Grey” my latest FMP. Produced in painter, its the first image I’ve gotten to a higher standard with my work so I’m a little chuffed with it. But the more I look at it the more places I see for improvement, oh well there will be another one.

jackuan body posed-01

Another piece for “The tragic tale of Jackuan Grey,” here the eponymous* Jackuan Grey. Again this image is already on this website, but should be reiterated for the portfolio.

*Do I mean eponymous? I’m not sure! But whatever, I do mean that the chap in the picture is Jackuan Grey for whom the project is named.

3D digital work

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whilst I don’t pride myself on my digital 3D modeling work it is something that I am capable of, I work with Silo and Silo2 then transferring the pieces into Maya for rendering. these screen shots are from a project I was involved in where I had to model the whole of the Norwich cathedral (I don’t remember which one, I think it was the catholic one.)

As I said I’m not trying to market myself as a 3D modeler but it is something that I am capable of, and if you’ve taken the time to come and look at this page you may as well see some of my other skills.

Copy of the inside2

This was the first wing, sorry you cant see the topology of the piece. I know it would be nice to see how I constructed this but at the time I made this screen shot it was only to show how the project was progressing.

Screenshot b

I never textured this model, and thats a shame because it was really quite complex, and probably would have looked awesome all light up and textured.