the things i was aiming for with this project. And how they have, or have not, changed whilst working on them.

this year my aim was to get my understanding and practice in the use of painter up to scratch, what that scratch is remains to be seen. but work on it i have. I’ve produced a few pieces trying to get my skills sharper with the technical side of using coral painter X, and tried to learn to use it as another painting tool.

to do this i have spent some time with my nose buried in online tutorials, and have been in contact with my university resident painter expert… (well part time anyway)

lastly i wanted something that could be hosted in the exhibition or in my portfolio, ether a few or one really nice looking highly polished professional looking piece of work. you want to know why I’m obsessed with this kind of thing? well its because whenever i look at my work i always see vast quantities of sketches and ideas and doodles and designs… but nothing that looks polished enough to be used as promotional artwork, and that’s the stuff that gets my blood pumping! i may not have the talent yet, but that’s what i want to do! sure i can design and produce hundreds of sketches, but i want to go beyond that and make something cleaner and prettier of my artwork.


~ by bladebye on May 1, 2009.

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