begining the new project.

this project i found myself trawling though tutorials in order to develop more skills with painter, particularly hair and eyes. i found some useful posts on CGsociety


in particular. But i struggled to get on with the tutorial about hair, here let me show you what i came up with whilst working on hair…

attepts at making a good looking peice of hair

attepts at making a good looking peice of hair

after trying to make individual strands of hair i had a go at placing it on someones head. below is some actress I’ve never heard of (i think it was an actress) who had a simple enough style of hair that i thought it would be a good idea to try to emulate.

hair on a head

hair on a head

this didn’t turn out all that well, so i headed off to talk to one of my tutors who is particularly good with painter. who had a noodle and gave me a different technique, and explained that you don’t need detail everywhere, just where you want the eye to fall. And so i made and attempt with an old sketch of Jackuan I made the year previously.

Jackuans hair

Jackuans hair

I still had a problem with eyes tho!


~ by bladebye on May 4, 2009.

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