Recaping, where I was at the end of last year.

last year I began to create a concept for a game called “The tragic tale of young Jackuan Grey” particularly focusing on characters, as it was character art that i felt i was most weak with. And i developed the character Jackuan Grey as a result (along with a massive story gameplay ideas and mechanics.) this was the last image i had produced about young Jackuan.

Jackuan Grey

Jackuan Grey

and another of his clothing…

Jackuan Grey's clothes
Jackuan Grey’s clothes

both images were really just excuses for me to practace painter, and as you can see i needed more practace!

i knew in my minds eye what Jackuan was going to look like thanks plenty of research… see below



these two are both images from my recearch folder from last year. I colected images and wrote about them whilst making sketches in a sketchbook that I can’t be bothered to show you here, but that was allso handed in.

so anyway I knew what jackuan looked like and I knew that I needed more practace with painter before I began making final peices, and this is where the end of last year found me.


~ by bladebye on May 4, 2009.

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