Ahh yes… Eyes!

The next hurdle I encountered was when I began drawing eyes on Jackuan. I couldn’t make them fit in with the image and nor could I make the eyeball look realistic or look like it was not stuck on afterward! So I began looking at various techniques for making eyes and had a look at some CG tutorial eyes:


That’s not a bad one if you are looking for the same thing that i was, making a good looking eye.

Frankly I’m struggling with eyes but here are my attempts anyway.

my first attempt

my first attempt

Now from a distance this doesn’t look too bad. I mean the kinda of distances I would be using if this was on a characters face. However the way that the skin around the eye interacts with the eyeball its self is where it goes wrong… It just looks stuck on the face… So I began to play with the skin tone around the eye socket…

skin around the eye only

skin around the eye only

Again i’m not happy with this (I never am happy with my work.) But at this point I called it a day and thought I would get on with working out just what the hell my final piece was going to be.

There was one last attempt at making the eye look good, and that not only worked but looked great. However the file was corrupted so I’ll have to rebuild it and put it on here if I have the time. So stay tuned for an eyeball that actualy looks like one!


~ by bladebye on May 11, 2009.

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