“Now where was I” redux!

today I started a post that needed to be put on hold whilst I got on with work, and here is the rest of that post.

OK so I had the overall image of what I wanted this final piece to look like, it was going to be split down the middle scene with the “good ending” (there is no good ending to the tragic tale of Jackuan Grey, only different levels of how bad it gets!) and images from the “bad ending” on the other. i worked this for a little while trying to get the trees to look more like trees and the zombies to look more like zombies etc…

This is an example of what it looked like a little later into production:

note that i've still left the sketch in

note that i've still left the sketch in

I went on a little further (putting in zombies and the lake and the foreground) before I realize this image even if I finished it wouldn’t look all that great. So I went for a similar one where its all the bad side…

And that wound up looking like this:



Simple eh? Actually it really wasnt, I had all sorts of problems making the zombies look really good, but I’ll post about that tomorow.


~ by bladebye on May 11, 2009.

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