Now where was I?…

Ahh yes! At the end of this project I wanted something cool to look at! So I began scratching my head for what I could do with young Jackuan to help illustrate his story. I was after some highly polished promotional art like piece for the end of term, you know something that wouldn’t look out of place next to my hugely talented peers. So I wanted to try and think big, And that is  not something that I’m used to! My thoughts turned to a large landscape Star wars like movie poster of an image, with a selection of the things that Jackuan was going to experience going on all round him. and so began my idea of a piece that’s named “the killing moon” on my hard drive (and yes I was listening to echo and the bunnymen at the time) here’s the sketch for it!…

final peice doodle-02 haha! Oh man this looks worse than I remember! Oh well all ideas start somewhere. And this idea did evolve, oh man did it!

I decided that to fit in everything that I wanted to show it should be landscape, although in hindsight it would work as portrait with the images of the stuff happening all around him like you’d get in the actual Star wars poster. Anyway on his left would be all fire and brimstone houses on fire zombies etc all hell breaking loose, and on his left was going to be an illustration of the good ending the sky was clear the moon was full the water by the lake still and gloriously shiny reflecting all the stars and lights, and in the foreground of this Jackuan crouching over the fallen figure of his love interest in the narrative.

So with this in mind I set to work, working out how I was going to do each part as I went along.

how it was all looking at the start

how it was all looking at the start

You know what I’m going to have to come back to this post hold on… I sware I’ll finish the story of how I put this all together and then pulled it all apart to make a wholy different image altogether. I’m just running a little behind on what Ive got to do right now! And this post is eating into valuable work time.


~ by bladebye on May 11, 2009.

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