Zombie nation

The zombies, I produced a few sketches of a zombie horde and what i thought was going to be a great zombie effect, looked rubbish and took forever. I was drawing each individual zombie,  and even in silhouettes, it was a pain. I grabbed onto the idea of using template zombies. I mean how many individuals does it take to make up a convincing zombie horde?

And so I investigated, how FEW zombies could I use (inverting them and so forth, giving them slightly different faces etc) to build a convincing zombie horde?

zombie dawn!

zombie dawn!

The answer… Two… Sort of! The front rank remains utterly unconvincing, you can easily tell where I have copied zombies to make more of them, and you can tell where I have accidentally repeated a zombie in close proximity to another one. But the shadows confuse the eye, making it seem like there are many more zombies than there actually are. I wasn’t happy with just this as an effect, but it was a start!

Next I tried with more zombies, but painting more than four would be a pain. So I drafted friends and family to make zombies out of!

thanks Mell!

thanks Mel!

... and Dad!

... and Dad!

Dad didn’t get the idea that he was going to be a silhouette, but whatever it was fun. I wasn’t going to tell them at the time that pulling faces wouldn’t help or hinder the final piece now was I? And the pegs on his ears?… Well that was his idea, I don’t know what he was trying to do. Congratulations Dad, you’re on the internet hopefully being looked at by my tutors, I hope you are happy now.

…Anyway using these chap’s and chappettes for reference (and occasionally to save time just tracing them for an accurate and fast zombie) I made a few silhouettes, and placed them against my flaming backdrop.

shadow test for zombies

shadow test for zombies

This is one row of the zombies being tested with the idea of a flickering shadow. The shadow was taken form each row of zombies, that was copied and inverted before being deformed to look like it was on the floor.

So yeah thats how the zombies came about. I think I’m nearly up to speed with what I’ve been up to this term, aside from polising off a few of the peices youve seen on these few posts I’ve been writing and designing my CV, and my artists statement… But I’ll post about them tomorow.


~ by bladebye on May 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Zombie nation”

  1. hi there, i was wondering if i could incorporate the zombie silhoutte picture at the top into my mock up poster for my A2 Media course. i would of course give you credit within the portfolio write up. Please let me know. Thanks. Andru

    • Absolutely, this image hasn’t made my any cash and if it wont be doing the same for you then i have no problem what so ever in you using it.

  2. needs much more work, but coming along well.

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