The artists statement

I’ve never thought of myself as an “artist” I guess I am now tho, as I’ve studied art and its been my passion for a few years now (or at least making purdy pickatures has been.) But when faced with my artists statement I’m almost lost. Actually this didn’t start with my statement, it started with my CV.

For this fmp I’ve been asked to produce an up to date creative CV, this is fine and fair enough, but I’m 20 and I’ve never had a job in the creative industry before… And no one expects me to have! I came straight from high school into college and then into games art and design in uni. As a result I have no clue as to how to write a creative CV, or at least I didn’t have until recently.

I went to a presentation, (I don’t recall the woman’s name, there were a few people who had presentations that night.) and after her presentation she handed out a successful art duo’s creative CV, and the other chap who was there that night presenting had shown us his creative CV.

It was nothing like I had written or conceived before, both the CV’s used relaxed and informal language. both of them were visualy clever rather than information strong, having said that they did communicate effectively who the person was and what they have done and what they currently do, and all the other tosh you might expect from a CV.

After these presentations I left with a fair idea of how to go about writing a creative CV. I should be honest, informative, clear, organized and above all creative! and i had a few ideas of what to write and how to write it…

But that’s just it! I knew how to WRITE a CV, not how to illustrate and design the images for it, or how to make it stand out intellectually and creatively. You know what I mean?

After all I know what my work is like… but how do I sum up visually what I am as an artist? what am I about in terms of color and line and graphics?

To help me answer these questions I decided to write my artists statement, you know to get my head around what I am and where I’ve come from and what inspires me. So far, no appifiny! it’ll probably come to me tonight when I’m laying in bed and I’ll have to rush to the computer and scribble out a few pages of nonsense and make it all work in the morning!

Until then I’m going to write what I am going to say in my CV in a bland word file so that my thoughs are organised, and then “coppypasta” it all onto whatever images I feel apropreately go with what I want to say about myself. watch this space! I’ll have something done that looks like a cool creative CV and an artists statement to boot!


~ by bladebye on May 13, 2009.

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