2D paintings

One of the things that I enjoy about this kind of work is 2D paintings, digital or otherwise. In this section however will be a few of the 2D digital paintings that I’ve produced over the past few years.


This was a piece that was produced for last years final major piece entitled “Kira (h 24800)” it was of the USTA’s war machines heading to one of the towns on this ice world. It was meant as a piece of promotional artwork for Kira. This project favored environment and vehicle design so there are not many pieces of the protagonist.


Another one from the world of Kira, this one is a USTA mothership orbiting the planet Kira. (produced in photoshop.)


This one is on this website already for my latest project “The tragic tale of Jackuan Grey” my latest FMP. Produced in painter, its the first image I’ve gotten to a higher standard with my work so I’m a little chuffed with it. But the more I look at it the more places I see for improvement, oh well there will be another one.

jackuan body posed-01

Another piece for “The tragic tale of Jackuan Grey,” here the eponymous* Jackuan Grey. Again this image is already on this website, but should be reiterated for the portfolio.

*Do I mean eponymous? I’m not sure! But whatever, I do mean that the chap in the picture is Jackuan Grey for whom the project is named.


~ by bladebye on May 21, 2009.

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