my artists statement

A quick introduction:

As part of my final major project I’ve been asked to produce a statement for who I am as an artist and what I do, a sensible plan for any budding creative type to write this kind of thing down.

and so here it is, this is what has been submitted in my final major project. But like my CV I feel this is going to be ever changing:

*This is a*  Statement

Hi, I’m blade…

…And I’m in my final year studying games art and design at the Norwich school of art and design. Its strange to look back at how I found myself here, when I was young deciding what I wanted to be when I was older, I think I wanted to draw and write my own comic book. But I can remember the day that I knew what I wanted to do.
I’d been bought a PS1 (that old games console that when It was first released it looked like a small portable nuclear device, not the PSX that looked like a brick!) and I had invested in a game that I’d played over one of my mates, “Legacy of Kain Soulreaver,” and I was playing it thinking how I might make a better game. It’d never occurred to me that someone somewhere actually designed this experience. Until I completed it and the artwork rolled past during the credits, and then it hit me. “Hey I like drawing, and telling stories. Why don’t I do this!?” so I worked hard in my art class, got into college to study graphic design at a Btech national diploma level. And tried to get into my current class, I don’t need to tell you what happened then.
My work itself tends to be a little unusual visually, when sketching I’ve got a sort of scribble that gives the illusion of detail and form rather than a realistic smooth life drawing , its difficult to explain! that’s why I’m giving you examples! Its not that I cant create smooth clean looking traditional pieces, but when I’m designing I like to throw my ideas at a page violently in a torrent. Sometimes that means scribbling to get fast results.
What’s driving me to push myself is to get these scribbled ideas and turn them into something that’s clean crisp and professional, and more importantly exciting! The kind of thing that you would see in post production artwork and in publications like imagine FX. I’m still working on it! But it’s a goal that I intend to work towards.
I get really excited by Amano Yoshitaka’s work the kind of movement that he gets with the dainty lines is really something that I envy with his works, and I really like Giger’s inspired (or drug induced) use of a airbrush. But really there are not many artists whom I try to exemplify in terms of  their style.
At the moment I find myself trying to work exclusively digital, I’m doing a lot of 2D work as that’s what got me hooked on the idea of working in video games. Im using programmes like Corel painter X and Photoshop to paint images digitally (this also saves on the cost of paint!) and im working a lot with my old friend black, in college I used vast quantities of blacks in mixed media pieces for illustration projects. I do work in colour but my pieces often look moodier when they’re monochromatic.
In the future I am hoping to work in concept design, I have a head full of ideas and I think that I would be a valuable asset to a team of people, whether it be environment character or mechanics I’ve always, err what was it that my friends say? Ahh yes “always got a bloody answer for everything!”


~ by bladebye on May 31, 2009.

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