my cv

I’ve finished my CV some time ago, but I’ve only now gotten the chance to update this blog (the day before the hand in, yes I know, tut tut shake finger and all that.  But hey at least its not the night before!) but I want to show you my CV and what it looks like.

Now before you look know that I’ve never made a creative CV before, and I’ve only had one model of what a creative cv should look like (albeit a very successful CV.) So if you think its wildly wrong in someway (other than the “obvious” spelling errors that my sister pointed out and the repetition of the word “compelled” on two opposite pages that looks funny) then let me know via the comments section, creative criticism is always appreciated… Well sometimes appreciated.

title page_CV pg1

introduction page_CV pg2

employment page_CV pg3

Education page_CV pg4

aditional info  page_CV pg5

back page_CV pg6

Ok its “spot the deliberate mistake moment,” i am aware of these mistakes:

page 2 – that should be  “easiest”

page 3 – that should be field

page 4 – the text blocks have already been swapped over!

page 5 – necessary doesn’t have an “l” in it! “peices” should be “pieces” and i should have use the word “inspired” not “compelled”

Those are the things that have allready been pointed out to me… Sadly with not enougth time to alter it before the submission, but if I leave this note here then I’m sure it’ll be read by my tutors. As you are reading this I am probably editing my cv… (Or buming around playing game and drinking coke!)


~ by bladebye on May 31, 2009.

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